Solution Provider for International Communications Systems

La Cresta Communications, Inc. is a premier solution provider for communication and system needs for customers throughout the world. We are experienced in a wide range of communication fields, providing equipment, systems and complete turnkey packages. Our team of experts provides systems that can be designed to suit your specific requests, using products from leading communication and electronics equipment manufacturers. We guide our customers in their design process and decision making of which equipment and system best suits their needs. Along with technical expertise, we have distribution relationships with most world-renowned communication and electronics companies, allowing us to offer our customers equipment at extremely competitive prices.

La Cresta Communications, Inc. is committed to providing quality services to all of our customers around the world. We pride ourselves at being able to respond to a wide variety of our customer requests. From high speed data and multi channels voice microwave systems in Russia to fully equipping an Internet café in Uganda. We are able to assist our customers' needs in a variety of fields, communications, computers, electronic equipment, just mentioning a few.